Bumper stickers

I recently wrote a post about the use of Stickers (Bumper and other) instead of high Gloss Pamphlets. This client came to see me for some printing recently. She wanted high Gloss Pamphlets. I told here about my recent article See the Article She decided to go with my idea and here is the result. All the information that she wanted on the pamphlet…..but on a Bumper sticker. The likelihood of the client keeping the sticker is much better than keeping a pamphlet. Maybe she will just give it to her kids to play with…still, I can almost guarantee you it wont go into the bin straight away. That way the information you want the family to see will be in circulation in that family much longer. I am exited about Stickers

Bumper Stickers
Bumper Stickers

…..they can change a business around.

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