Advertising Signage Boards (Corex Boards)

This must be one of the best known marketing products there is, commonly refer to in South Africa as Estate Agent Boards. .They are also know as corex boards.These plastic boards are extremely versatile and perfect to advertise your product or event. The size is 600mm x400mm. Made from tough plastic the will last outdoors for months if not years. Printed in full color. We now offer it directly to the public at wholesale prizes. Please have a look at our special below.


6 thoughts on “Advertising Signage Boards (Corex Boards)”

    • Hi there. The special on the website refers to estate agent boards. R30 for 100 boards.Hope this answers your question.

  1. Hi there, I am part of Funda Nenja and I saw the most beautiful corex boards that you made for us (thank you!), I am also involved in another Non-Profit Organization and I would like to have 5 of them made (assuming the price is R30 as per the advertisement above). The NPO is called Paws for Cause and is a veterinary based NPO which do vaccination and sterilization outreaches in areas such as Northdale where we often find most of our Parvo puppies come from.

    How quickly could these be made? I will send through the artwork today. If you can provide me with a preferred email address.

    Kind Regards
    Samantha Wills

  2. We need corex advertising boards for our upcoming Old Car Show, +/- 100,
    Quote please for design and printing and delivery in Vryheid
    Vryheid Vintage Car Club

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